Batman: Urban Legends #17

DC Comics

Written by Ryan Cady, Joey Esposito, Alex Paknadel and Dan Watters

Art by Gleb Melnikov, Serg Acuna, Amancay Nahuelpan and Riley Rossmo

Inks by Scott Hanna

Colors by Luis Guerrero, Alex Guimaraes, Jordie Bellaire and Trish Mulvihill

Letters by Troy Peteri, Pat Brosseau, Ariana Maher and Andworld Design

The Rundown: Four new stories team the Dark Knight with some of the most powerful beings in the DC universe.

Cold Shoulders

After taking down some of his Rogue’s, Flash is wondering what happened to Captain Cold. Unfortunately, Batman already knows as the villain has come to Gotham to steal something that has value to his new partner Mr. Freeze. An item that will require the Flash and Batman to team up and use their unique skills to find their enemies.

The story is really entertaining and showcases how similar Barry and Bruce are when they are investigating. They have an interesting rapport that actually makes me want to see more of them working together. The art is wonderfully detailed and visually thrilling.

The Sea Beyond

There’s something wrong in the ocean. Something that is affecting Aquaman and Mera personally. Something that will force the pair to pay a visit to Batman to get answers. Answers that are directly connected to one of Batman’s deadliest enemies. The Dark Knight will have to team with the king and queen of the seas to discover the reality behind an Atlantean legend.

I like the dynamic between Mera and Batman in this story. Their animosity is well done, but still respectful enough to allow for change. The story has some interesting moments, but Batman’s presence in it is lacking. The art is beautiful throughout.


Batman decides to take on Black Adam alone after his takeover of Khandaq. After confronting Hawkman, Batman travels to the country to confront Adam and force him to face him without his powers. A move that will not only expose the ruler’s true weakness, but give Batman new insight into the man.

The story is really good. It has a great balance between the characters and the dialogue is spot on. The art is dramatic with some beautiful angles.

On His Worst Nights

Riddler has escaped from Arkham and Batman will have to hunt down his Rogue’s for answers. Answers that will lead him to more questions.

The story was decent in its narration, but it was not particularly engaging and probably too short to be as interesting as its premise. The art was good, but everything about the short felt unfinished.

Batman: Urban Legends #17



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