Nailbiter Returns #9

Image Comics

Written by Joshua Williamson

Art by Mike Henderson

Colors by Adam Guzowski

Letters by John J. Hill

The Rundown: More secrets are revealed as Penny’s plans begin to take shape.

Penny reveals herself to her captives and Alice wants to know just who the woman is and what is her connection to her parents. Warren decides to tell his daughter the truth and reveal that he and Penny began a relationship in high school. A relationship that allowed them to explore the darkness lurking inside themselves. A relationship that reveals what connects Warren’s experiences underground and Penny’s parents connection to the strange red blood that causes madness.

As the truth is revealed, Penny decides that her captives deserve to see things the same way she does and will give them the gift her parents gave her. A gift she also plans on unleashing on Portland with a fleet of trucks filled with the same chemical.

The Story: Williamson ramps up the tension and the drama in this issue. The plot takes a huge leap forward while taking the time to go back and flesh out Penny as a character as well as her connection to Warren. As interesting as the issue is, I wish more time was taken to expand on Penny as a character and her motivations. Hopefully that happens as the story moves towards its conclusion.

The Art: Mike Henderson adds some great imagery to this issue. Taking the time to reveal Penny in the past and the present is a great way to engage the reader visually.

Nailbiter Returns #9



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