838731._SX1280_QL80_TTD_Ghostbusters Year One #4

IDW Publishing

Written by Erik Burnham

Art by Dan Schoening

Colors by Luis Antonio Delgado

Letters by Neil Uyetake

The Rundown: Writer Rebecca Morales has come around to the most elusive member of the Ghostbusters Egon Spengler for her next round of interviews.


In the aftermath of the Gozer attack, Morales has finished interviewing the other members of the Ghostbusters and is looking to finish with Egon. The elusive founding member of the team is holed up in the firehouse and Winston decides to escort her there to make the introductions. Seeing that he is hard at work repairing the containment unit, she proceeds to challenge him on the design and why it failed after discovering that the explosion wasn’t the first time.

Egon proceeds to tell her a story of how Slimer’s entry into the containment unit didn’t go as smoothly as he expected and he and Ray have to take to the streets to track the ghost down after it takes an experimental piece of equipment. To make matters worse, there is another presence watching events around the scientist and it has vengeance on its mind.

The Story: Fun, exciting and entertaining, Burnham does an excellent job expanding the world of these characters and making this story engaging to the reader. Seeing the circumstances that happened after the Sedgwick and the Gozer attack are interesting and done in way that is compelling. What is more interesting is the entity that confronts Egon at the end of the issue and how that mystery could lead to a new story that I am definitely interested in reading.

The Art: Dan Schoening continues to nail these characters and their world through the art. I continue to be impressed with the attention to detail as well as the visual style.

Ghostbusters Year One #4




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