Mystic Cosmic Patrol

Funny or Die

Season 1 Episode 1

Potty Mouth Part 1

In the premiere episode of Funny or Die’s ‘Power Rangers’ parody series Mystic Cosmic Patrol, we are introduced to the villain Overlordess Rutina and her minions. Apparently her plans continue to be thwarted by the Mystic Cosmic Patrol and her henchmen has come up with a new Power-Tron to finally take them out.



Meanwhile, the members of the Mystic Cosmic Patrol have gathered to talk to their mentor Gorgon (Tim Russ) when they discover that two member of the team have reprogrammed their communications robot into a sexist bartender called Martini-Bot. As they complain to the team’s leader Blue Patrolman (Masterson), they discover that it was his idea. As they argue about the bot, Rutina’s creation emerges and begins to wreak havok.

For the premiere episode of a comedy series, this one works for the most part. The acting is good. Everyone involved has committed to the moment, but the dialogue is a little clunky and it’s a problem with the series coming in at around 7 and a half minutes. Overall, everyone seems to be having fun with the absurdity and the self referential moments are very funny. The next episode will be available Thursday. I’ll definitely be checking it out.

“Mystic Cosmic Patrol,” an interstellar spoof with exciting Kaiju action, features a special blend of comedy, martial arts and Sci-fi adventure where spandex clad heroes fight ridiculous rubber monsters. The pilot episode features “Malcolm in the Middle” star Chris Masterson as Jack the Blue Patrolman, leading a team consisting of Leo the Red Patrolman (Tim Jo from Fox’s “Pitch”), Emily the Green Patrolman (Chelsea Tavares from Freeform’s “Unfabulous”), Carl the Pink Patrolman (Chris Candy), Candy the Yellow Patrolman (Laura Monaco) and Micky the Black Patrolman (Gavin Hignight). With the wisdom of Gorgon (Tim Russ of “Star Trek Voyager”) and their trusty Martini-Bot (John Kassir of “Tales from the Crypt”), only the Mystic Cosmic Patrol can put an end to Rutina’s devious plots to destroy Earth.

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