murder-falcon-3_48ece6eb89Murder Falcon #3

Image Comics/ Skybound

Written by Daniel Warren Johnson

Art by Daniel Warren Johnson

Colors by Mike Spicer

Letters by Rus Wooton and Daniel Warren Johnson

The creatures infesting the world are getting bigger, bolder and more destructive. The only way to stop them is for Jake to get the band back together.

Jake, Johann and Murder Falcon head deeper into the city to reclaim another member of the band before another giant monster takes out the city.


As the band’s former drummer Jimi watches with increasing horror what is unfolding in the city, she thinks back to the time she betrayed Jake when he was at his lowest. We find out later that the reason she did it was because she is dealing with her own tragedy in the form of her dying father who she needs to provide for. When Murf and Jake show up at her house, all is forgiven and they decide to lure the creature out of the city in order to get it away from civilians.

Free from the confines of the city, Jimi is introduced to her new drum kit and as they prepare to play, Murder Falcon tells them that creature calls for a drum solo.

Murder Falcon continues to be relentless fun. Johnson does a great job of balancing the fun elements of this story with the heavy drama of the characters. It’s a great mix that makes this comic fun to read. The art is also a highlight. Even with no music being played, Johnson has managed to craft the art to give the impression that Jake and his crew are wailing. You can almost hear the drum beat or the wail of the guitar as you follow the story and that adds an additional element of fun to this series and this issue.

Murder Falcon #3




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