Doctor Strange #4

Marvel Comics

Written by Mark Waid

Art by Jesus Saiz

Letters by Joe Sabino

If anyone thought that losing access to magic would humble Stephen Strange, they are wrong. Not only has the once all-powerful Sorcerer Supreme not been humbled by the experience of losing a part of himself, but his journey through the universe with Kanna collecting magical artifacts have given Strange a renewed sense of power and purpose and the arrogance that goes along with it. Nowhere is this more evident than when Strange and Kanna attempt to rescue one of the dwarves of Nidavellir. A weapon master who can give physical form to magic itself.

Strange and Kanna liberate the dwarf named Eoffren, but making it off the planet becomes more difficult when Strange decides to show off his newfound access to magic, causing Kanna to make a huge sacrifice to get Strange and Eoffren somewhere safe. With the pair separated and the dwarf pulling no punches in his critique of Strange’s actions and motives, it’s going to take the sorcerer doing something he’s never considered before to give them a chance to get Kanna back.

One of the best things I comic can do is make the reader ask a question about an established character that they’ve never had to ask before. Waid does an amazing job in this issue of introducing a concept that, as a reader of this character for years, I had not really considered before. There is a scene in the issue when the question is put to Stephen where his facial expression matched my own and his confusion mirrored mine in disbelief of something so fundamentally simple that I had not considered. It was a great moment that has huge potential for the character and his connection to magic in the future. It elevates the character in a new way by challenging Strange to make new choices.

Jesus Saiz art is amazing as well. Starting with the great facial details and expressions and continuing with the action scenes, the art in this issue is top notch. Saiz adds some great visual elements to this issue and I urge you to take a moment and admire the background details as well.

Doctor Strange #4




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