Pages-from-MIA-#1-REFERENCE-1Morning in America #1

Oni Press

Written by Magdalene Visaggio

Art by Claudia Aguirre

Letters by Zakk Saam

Four friends are about to find themselves in the middle of the biggest conspiracy in the history of their small town.

The Sick Sisters are a group of four friends who are trying to survive high school and life in their small Ohio town. They all have criminal records and are generally considered the bad girls among their peer group. A distinction that they are fine with.


When multiple teenagers go missing from the town, no one seems to be interested in finding out why. One Detective on the force wants to find answers, but he’s warned off the investigation by his boss. When the brother of one of the missing teens enlists the Sick Sisters for help, Nancy doesn’t believe him. When she gets confirmation from a conversation in the police station, she decides to enlist the rest of her crew to find out what’s going on.

When another one of the group, Ashley, compares the missing teens to a story she’s reading about alien abductions, the girls start to ask themselves questions about the new factory that just opened in the town and why no one in the town has been hired to work in it.

Magdalene Visaggio has created some interesting and engaging characters in the Sick Sisters. Their relationships with each other and their reputations in the town are written really well and are fun to read. What’s missing from this first issue is a sense of the stakes these characters and this town are facing as well as why these characters are uniquely equipped to handle it. The characters are engaging both in their personalities and relationship with the rest of the town. Hopefully, Visaggio will explore the capabilities of these characters in the next issue.

The art by Claudia Aguirre is beautiful. I really enjoyed the look of this issue and its color palette. The setting of the early 1980’s should give Aguirre a plethora of ideas going forward. A great looking book.


Morning in America #1




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