batman-66-preview-coverBatman #66

DC Comics

Written by Tom King

Art by Jorge Fornes

Colors by Dave Stuart

Letters by Clayton Cowles

In a non-descript room with no windows, Catwoman is being interrogated by The Question.

Like any interrogation, Question wants to know everything, including how Batman and Catwoman met and why their relationship has affected him so much. Selina is coy, but she answers his questions to the best of her ability and refers him to the note she wrote him before calling off the wedding.


Not satisfied, Question continues to grill the former rogue about how she was able to get so close to him and she reveals not only how complicated their relationship actually is, but also how vital he is to everyone who knows him, especially the other heroes who look to him. She tells him how different he is to every other hero, even the ones with powers. She explains to him that there is something about Batman that sets him apart and makes him something different than every other hero putting on a mask or cape.

Her reverence for him is easy to see, but Question wants more. He wants to know the answer to the ultimate question. The answer to a question that is holding Batman back. A question that dogs his mission and his mind. A question she has to answer in order for Batman to free himself.

Tom King gets back to the gritty, psychological thriller that he’s been building for Batman and he hasn’t lost a step. Taking another deep dive into the mind of the Dark Knight is infinitely entertaining and King does it in clever, engaging ways. This is definitely the next place this story needed to go because there is still so much left to resolve in the Bruce/Selina dynamic. I love the use of The Question in this issue and the interaction between he and Selina is perfectly handled. I’m excited to see where this goes.

Jorge Fornes’ art is beautiful. There are some amazing panels throughout this issue and a truly beautiful splash page towards the end.

Batman #66




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