die-4_c83bfea875DIE #4

Image Comics

Written by Kieron Gillen

Art by Stephanie Hans

Letters by Clayton Cowles

Ash and company are going to find that their quest got more difficult as they travel to the first city in DIE.

Throughout their journey in DIE, they group avoided the first city of DIE called Glass Town. A combination of Casablanca and Rivendell, Glass Town is a neutral zone within the world of the game and the players need to find a way inside to find out where Sol is as well as get Isabelle the help she needs. When they find the city, they discover that their presence is all it takes to be let in. An unexpected surprise that puts Ash on edge.


As they wait for information about the location of Sol, they decide to take advantage of the hospitality of the city and have a few drinks in a local tavern.

At the same time, Isabelle is taken to the healing goddess and in return for being healed, she is tasked to read to a group of the faithful. Unfortunately, what she is tasked to read are the darkest parts of her personal diary.

Back at the tavern, one of the dwarves drinking with them begins to tell a story. At the end of it, Matt recalls one of his own. One where he has to deal with his past and his present in relation to his family. When Chuck decides that the next story should come from Ash and be about why he is a woman in the world of DIE, Ash is saved from having to tell that story by his sister Angela.

As welcome as the group finds their stay in Glass Town, when they find out that Sol has made getting to him harder than they thought, Ash decides that a dramatic gesture to change the course of the game might be in order.

Kieron Gillen continues to tell an infinitely interesting story with exciting twists and turns that keep the reader invested in not only the story, but the characters as well. The mystery of Ash continues to be intriguing and everything that the characters experienced in the world previously keeps the reader invested and interested in where the story goes next.

Stephanie Hans delivers some beautiful and engaging art in this issue. Every page has something new and interesting to see and the fantasy elements always look s epic.

Die #4




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