Moon Knight #19

Marvel Comics

Written by Jed MacKay

Art by Federico Sabbatini

Colors by Rachelle Rosenberg

Letters by Cory Petit

The Rundown: Zodiac meets with a therapist as Moon Knight takes on an unusual mission.

Zodiac gets a visitor in prison. A therapist with a connection to Marc Spector’s past. A therapist who sits down with the killer to learn more about his motivations. At the same time, Moon Knight and Hunter’s Moon descend deep into the underground recesses of the city after the Mission gets an unusual visitor from the depths of the Earth looking for help.

As Moon Knight takes on a small army and their leader beneath the city to free their slave labor, Hunter’s Moon sees how foolhardy he’s acting. An act that prompts him to tell Marc that with Khonshu imprisoned, there is a new limitation on his power. A limitation that could effect Moon Knight’s next possible and almost probable death.

The Story: MacKay crafts an exciting, fun and entertaining story in this issue. The action is great and I love the dynamic between Marc and Hunter’s Moon. There are some great moments and insights between the characters. I love the contrast with the therapist and Zodiac. That dynamic has some great tension in it and definitely enhances the story and its themes.

The Art: Sabbatini delivers some exciting art throughout the issue. The art manages to add as much visual tension to the action scenes as the therapy scenes. A great looking issue.

Moon Knight #19



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