Maskerade #4

Dark Horse Comics

Written by Kevin Smith and Andy Mcelfresh

Art by John Sprengelmeyer

Colors by Giulia Brusco

Letters by Andrew Thomas

The Rundown: Dwayne gets closer to the boss while Felicia goes on her next mission.

Dwayne joins Felicia for a run in the mountains only to be interrupted by her fans. After managing to charm her, she invites him to dinner before heading back to her place to begin the next part of her mission. A mission that will involve a crooked clergyman who has a specific fetish, but not the best heart. Something that will force her to improvise.

At the same time, Ditt has to play defense when another disgruntled family member wants to know what happened to his relative after coming to Ditt’s company for treatment. Dwayne finds himself having an unexpected evening with the boss and things get strange between the two of them the next day.

The Story: Smith and Mcelfresh have a gift for dialogue and humor which is persistent throughout the issue. If there’s one thing that has me on the fence about whether to continue this series or not is that the cleverness of the humor isn’t allowing for the evolution of the story or its characters. None of them seem to change or evolve along with the circumstances surrounding them and that makes it difficult to connect with them either as characters or in relation to the stakes of the story.

The Art: Sprengelmeyer delivers some impressive visuals in the story, but the story doesn’t really allow for anything to happen visually so a lot of it is relegated to visual shocks and not much else.

Maskerade #4



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