580152._SX1280_QL80_TTD_The Mighty Thor #702

Marvel Comics

Written by Jason Aaron

Art by Russell Dauterman

Colors by Matthew Wilson

Malekith’s war on the ten realms is raging and Thor is spreading herself thin trying to hold back his forces and fight against the damage caused by the war. She has been ignoring her cancer treatments and she finds herself in an arm wrestling contest with Hercules in order to secure the help of the Olympian Gods in the coming battle. As the two trade barbs back and forth, their match is violently interrupted by Odinson. As Hercules makes his pledge to Thor, he leaves the two Gods of Thunder to talk.


Odinson takes Thor to see the battered body of Volstagg. Odinson explains to Thor that he found Volstagg on old Asgard and that the damage he suffered was while he was empowered as the War Thor. Thor presses Odinson for answers and he tells her what he knows. Mangog has been unleashed and he attacked Volstagg as well as destroyed old Asgard. As Thor prepares to face a new threat, Odinson stops her. She threatens him and Odinson must convince her that Jane needs to be treated for her cancer. Jane reluctantly agrees, but she needs to make a stop first.

After turning back into Jane, she and Odinson travel to Asgardia and Jane demands an audience with Odin. Her verbal assault draws the warriors of Asgard, Cul the regent of Asgard and her tenacity brings forth two unexpected guests who have something to say to Jane Foster. As they deal with a potential tragedy on their hands, Heimdall spies a threat on their doorstep.

Both triumph and tragedy seems to be colliding in this book and if the title is to be believed than that tragedy is coming soon. Jason Aaron has added some interesting suspenseful moments to this issue along with moments of subtle sadness. One of the things I enjoy the most from this story is that all of the pieces are gathering on the board and there is no way to know what the outcome of the game will be. That uncertainty has made the book enjoyable to read. My only misgiving is that the story they are building towards needs to deliver on its promise. Otherwise, it will be a great build up to a disappointing end.

Images Courtesy of Comixology


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