580267._SX1280_QL80_TTD_Tales of Suspense #100

Marvel Comics

Written by Matthew Rosenberg

Art by Travel Foreman

Colors by Rachelle Rosenberg

This is one of the first comics that deals with the aftermath of Secret Empire and one of its most controversial moments. Clint Barton is attending a funeral and he does not like it. It’s not the funeral we think and that’s the crux of the entire issue. Clint is checking on the death of a high-ranking HYDRA official that has been murdered. As he makes a spectacle of himself to the guests, he runs into Peter Antone and his bodyguards. Antone is the US Ambassador to Chernaya and Clint tries to get him to admit that these HYDRA. A move that causes a fight and leaves a burning funeral home in its wake. The fact that everyone, including the little old lady is carrying makes the moment hilarious.


In the aftermath, as Clint is about to get arrested, he flashes his Avengers ID and leaves. Apparently, everything seems to be happening in Chernaya. The Punisher is in Chernaya in his brand new War Machine armor and now Clint is getting off a plane in the country and making his way to the US Embassy. He is able to easily identify the men following him and he manages to lose them in a crowd of protestors. He blends in with the crowd and realizes that the protest itself is not a spontaneous event, but a distraction to allow someone to sneak into the embassy.

He makes his way into the building and confronts Antone in his office. Unfortunately, he’s not alone and the other person in the room, who almost kills Clint turns out to be the Winter Soldier. Both men seem to be after Antone for the same reason: a series of murders of people that seem to echo techniques used by Black Widow. As they argue about who could be responsible, something happens that could end their twin investigations all at once.

I really like the way this story has started. Rosenberg has started a really interesting mystery that can do a lot to fix a major issue many, myself included, had with the way Black Widow died in Secret Empire. While I hold onto hope that some series of events happened that brought Nat back, I am willing to allow the story to play itself out. The back and forth between Clint and Bucky is fun to see in this issue and I want to see more of that play out in the next.

Images courtesy of Comixology

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