We’re still a few months away from the release of Ant-Man and the Wasp and director Peyton Reed is giving fans some information about what Scott and company are dealing with post Captain America: Civil War.


The last time we saw Scott Lang, he was fighting alongside Captain America and effectively against The Sokovia Accords. When he was captured and taken to The Raft, he would have been processed and his identity given to the government. So what happens after he’s freed by Captain America at the end of the movie?


Director Peyton Reed gave an interview to Empire magazine where he answered some of those questions. While he didn’t reveal any plot details, he does talk about the new dynamics that Scott and team find themselves in now that their secret is out to a certain extent. He breaks down his answer to the four leads in the film.

Scott Lang


“The events of Captain America: Civil War gave us something clear, which is: what was Hank Pym and Hope Van Dyne’s reaction to Scott having taken this technology out into the world in Civil War? We had a lot of fun playing around with that. And we play with size and scale a lot. I love the idea of Giant-Man.”

Hope Van Dyne


“This is really her coming out party as a hero. Her power set is fantastic. She and Scott both shrink, but there the flying, and the fighting style of The Wasp is different from Ant-Man’s.”

Hank Pym


“The events of Civil War, and how Scott reacted to that, have thrown a big wrench into the works. But his curiosity has been reawakened about the Quantum Realm and whether Janet’s still alive down there.”

Janet Van Dyne



“She’s a very important character. It’s fair to say if someone were to have spent thirtysomething years in the Quantum Realm and survived, it would have an effect. What did she eat? All she eats is cereal called Quantum Krispies.”

Ant-Man and the Wasp is scheduled to be released July 6, 2018


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