MERA_Cv2Mera: Queen of Atlantis #2

DC Comics 

Written by Dan Abnett

Art by Lan Medina

Inks by Norm Rapmund

Orm’s family wakes up to find that he’s gone. As they struggle to determine where he could be, his fiance finds a note telling her that he has decided to back to Atlantis.

As Mera wakes from a dream about her life with Arthur, she discovers that Orm is standing at the edge of the water, waiting for her. Mera is cautious as she approaches him, reminding herself of who he is as the former king and what he’s done as Ocean Master. The two talk and on the surface it looks like Orm is sincere in his desire to help. He actually seems concerned for Arthur’s life as Aquaman fights for the freedom of his people at the bottom of the sea.


Mera tries to convince Orm that the kind of help he is offering might not be what Atlantis needs as he begins to speak and act the way he used to when he was Ocean Master. As she tries to reason with him, he attacks her and they fight. Mera fights to keep Orm from returning to Atlantis. Ocean Master believes that Mera is using her position as Queen to usurp the throne from Arthur and Tula is just trying to stop them from killing each other. Unfortunately, it looks like a third-party might have to step in and stop this family feud before it gets out of hand.

Orm has become an interesting character in this series. He is usually portrayed rather flatly as a villain, but this iteration gives him some nuance and that makes for a compelling argument to why he might be right. The story is getting better, especially in giving the reader more insight into Mera’s mind and heart. Her journey has become an interesting one as well. I like the device of having both Mera and Orm’s fiance Erin start their days seemingly parallel. It added some symmetry to the issue and really stood out from a story perspective. Overall, it wasn’t as strong as the first issue, but it does add some good elements to the emerging story.


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