Abbott_003_PRESS_1Abbott #3

Boom! Studios

Written by Saladin Ahmed

Art by Sami Kivela

Colors by Jason Wordie

Elena Abbott wakes up behind the wheel of her smashed car as the demonic figure that was chasing her moves towards her. As she grabs the gun she got earlier that evening and lets off a couple of shots, she manages to distract the creature long enough for her to back up and get moving.

It continues to follow her as she speeds away and to her shock, ends up in front her. As she makes one last attempt to get away from the thing, her instinct works and it disappears. The next morning, she reminds herself that what happened the night before was not a dream and is nervous when there is a knock on her door. Broadway enters and talks to her about Wardell. He’s been missing and Broadway is scared to go to the police with the racial tension in the city being what it is. He enlists Abbott’s help to try to find the young man.


As she enters the office, she finds out that there has been another animal mutilation at the Zoo and another body found. Her boss wants her on the story, but he also wants her to be careful. He’s still getting pressure from his bosses regarding the stories she’s been writing about the police and this is painting another target on her back.

After being told to drop the story, she’s assigned to a boring story at the University. Fortunately for her investigation, she finds a link there to the story she’s chasing and enlists her ex to help her track down more info. Before she can track down her lead, she needs to meet with Sebastian, who has some information for her that she doesn’t want to hear, but just might save her life.

This story continues to add different and awesome layers to it and every page and panel adds to the mystery is great ways. Both the art and the narrative work so well that I find myself going back to certain passages and reading them again. Although a little slow-moving at times, the overall story still continues to intrigue and engage. I can’t wait to see what happens next.



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