Masterpiece #5

Dark Horse Comics

Written by Brian Michael Bendis

Art by Alex Maleev

Colors by Ian Herring and Moo Meng

Letters by Joshua Reed

The Rundown: Emma finds another piece of the puzzle as Preston plays his next hand.

Emma and her team are being introduced to another member of their unusual group. Someone with a direct connection to their target Zero Preston. As the group discusses what their next move should be, the Paragon realizes that they are being watched by someone from his past. Someone highly skilled at what she does.  

In the aftermath, Emma makes a decision after listening to the others. A decision that will finally focus her plans against Preston. Plans that will require her to reach out to someone close to the man and engage her in finally getting the revenge she wants.

The Story: Bendis continues to craft an entertaining mystery in this issue. The characters continue to be dynamic and intriguing while also being engaging to the reader. I find myself wanting to learn more about them individually as well as how circumstances are bringing them together. The story continues to be wonderfully complex and compelling. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

The Art: Maleev delivers some great art in the issue. The story is beautifully character focused and Maleev uses that focus to create wonderful emotional moments for the reader.

Masterpiece #5



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