Bone Orchard: Ten Thousand Black Feathers #5

Image Comics

Written by Jeff Lemire

Art by Andrea Sorrentino

Colors by Dave Stewart

Letters by Steve Wands

The Rundown: Trish returns to a dangerous world to rescue Jack.

Trish has returned to the world she and Jack created to find Jack no matter how long it takes. After trading for a horse and a weapon, she sets off across the land followed by the ravens that have been dogging her across two worlds. After her first encounter with one of the dangerous creatures of the world, Trish finds herself weakened from lack of food and water.

Determined to complete her mission, Trish continues her journey until she finds a familiar location. After making her way to the top, she finds Jack imprisoned and herself surrounded by the servants of an ancient evil. An evil that has finally arrived to have his revenge on Trish. A revenge Trish will have to thwart in order to rescue Jack and end her torment once and for all.

The Story: Lemire brings this story to an entertaining and tension filled conclusion. I love the desolate and dark nature of the world of this story and the determination of Trish in contrast to it. The story has some great world building and brings Trish and Jack’s story to a satisfying and dark resolution.

The Art: Sorrentino delivers some breathtaking visuals throughout the issue. The visual representation of the world is fantastic and perfectly captures the tone and mood of the story.

Bone Orchard: Ten Thousand Black Feathers #5



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