Marvel’s What If…?

Disney Plus

Season 1 Episode 9

What If…The Watcher Broke His Oath?

In the wake of Ultron’s attack on the multiverse, the Watcher forms a plan to stop him. A plan that will require him to travel across the worlds he’s already visited to recruit a team that can help him. The best part of this moment is the familiarity of some moments and the surprise of others. Peggy Carter is on the same mission Steve was on in Captain America the Winter Soldier and her friendship with Black Widow will definitely play a part in the episode. T’Challa is recruited while trying to save the Earth from Ego’s plans and Thor is pulled out during his battle with Ultron’s forces. The Thor scene was funny, but I think more time should have been devoted to Gamora’s story which is one we didn’t get to see, but contained an interesting cameo.

I really liked seeing the character revealing himself to the others. Those moments were well done and interesting. Even recruiting Killmonger was an interesting move considering what he saw the character do on his own world. After bringing this motley crew of heroes together, there is some tension in the room and your first clue that Killmonger has his own agenda (like always).

The group gets a plan together and things immediately pick up because the series cannot drag things out anymore. It goes hard on the action and thrills and gives the viewer exactly what they’ve been wanting from the series since the beginning as the fight against an Infinity Stone fueled Ultron includes magic, dragons, dimension hopping, zombies and everything else the series can throw in there and all of it works. The action is dynamic, fun and exciting from start to finish.

With a little over thirty minutes to tell its story, there isn’t too much character development, but what we do get works in the context of solidifying some relationships and making you miss others. There are a lot of interesting moments throughout and the final resolution of the episode is both intriguing and foreboding should the series return for another season. The finale of What If…? does everything a good finale should do and more while also giving one of its characters the kind of arc that was sorely missed from the MCU films. A great episode from start to finish that doesn’t let up one bit.

Marvel's What If...? S01XE09



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