Marvel’s Luke Cage


Season 2 Episode 13

The Reminisce Over You

Mariah is sitting in court about to arraigned and everyone is feeling good, except Luke and Tilda. When Mariah asks to adress the court after being remanded, she lays out some brutal truth as a gang war rages in the city. Mariah promises that if she is let go, she can make it stop.

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She’s not completely wrong, especially with Luke having to put in extra work to end the chaos. The other gangs have decided to invade Harlem and take over. Misty decides to confront Tilda about her relationship with Bushmaster and the confrontation gives her some insight into who she’s becoming. At the same time, Shades turns up at Pop’s to offer Luke help on how to win against the gangs.


Luke decides to confront the new player in Harlem, Rosalie Carbone about her moving into Mariah’s old territory and Luke gets pretty brutal in his response. Instead of playing things the old way, he decides that the best thing he can do is make a deal that keeps Harlem safe. A deal that is leading him closer and closer to a dark path that the circumstances around him are pushing him towards.

Mariah decides to clean house and this puts more pressure on Misty and Luke to find a way to end this latest round of violence. Her actions cause another run in with Shades who lays out some truth to her in a powerful performance from Theo Rossi. I had to go back and watch it again because it was so good.


The end of the episode opens the doors to some really good drama coming for Luke Cage. I can’t wait to see what happens next season now that Luke is in a position that might either be the best thing he’s ever done or the worst mistake he’s ever made. It was powerful and ominous both letting us enjoy the victory as well as lament what Luke had to sacrifice, including what he has to become to win.



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