Marvel’s Iron Fist


Season 2 Episode 3

This Deadly Secret

Marvel’s Iron Fist

Danny and Ward decide to conspire to get answers as well as mend fences after Danny discovers that Davos and Joy are working together. Ward continues to struggle with his sobriety and Joy decides that she needs to go to the dinner in order to get answers of her own. Colleen is worried about Danny taking on Matt Murdock’s mission to protect the city and she’s relieved when he decides to take a break for the night. Danny, Davos, Colleen and Joy have an awkward dinner together and the Iron Festivus for the Rest of Us proceeds to the airing of grievences kicked off by Colleen.

After the dinner disaster, things continue to go from bad to worse for everyone involved when Mrs. Yang drags Colleen and Danny into a Triad negotiation which is interrupted by an outside threat and Mary starts to reveal some of her secrets to her employers.

Marvel’s Iron Fist

This was a really good episode. It took the novel approach of putting all of the crap on the table for everyone and letting the characters deal with some brutal truth rather than all of the lies and false civility that they hurl at each other. It’s a testament to Colleen as a character that she’s decided to cut through the crap and lay out everyone’s beef with the hopes that they all grow up and face each other.

Ward’s slow descent back into his own personal hell is interesting, but it lacks some of the tragic personal drama that he had in season one. It might be that not having his father in the season has taken away some of the characters bite, but there are still moments that are enjoyable to see from him. Both the drama and the action are getting better as well and Danny is really starting to become a more direct presence in the story rather than a focal point.

Marvel’s Iron Fist




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