Avengers_07_CVR_A-1Marvel Action Avengers #7

IDW Publishing

Written by Matthew K Manning

Art by Marcio Fiorito

Colors by Protobunker

Letters by Christa Meisner

The Rundown: Black Panther is on the hunt and AIM has some internal issues to resolve before a potential invasion.

Black Panther is on the hunt for Killer Shrike and when the villain is finally cornered, his fear is unusual. When a mysterious object hits Panther, he begins to see visions of his dead father and chases after them only to find nothing there.


Back at Stark Tower, Tony has upgraded his armor and Steve attempts to debrief T’Challa when another vision sends both heroes chasing in different directions. Meanwhile, Madame Masque insists on speaking with MODOK about his latest plan. A plan she has no interest in being a part of. When the AIM leader informs her that she has no choice, Masque decides to conduct her own style of exit interview.

The Story: Matthew K Manning is setting the groundwork for an interesting story with this issue. All of the character and plot setups are executed well and I really enjoyed the pace and tone of this issue. The story is engaging to readers and fans of the characters and I am interested in seeing where the story progresses and what twists and turns it takes with the Avengers.

The Art: Marcio Fiorito does some great work with the art in this issue. I like the animation style of the characters and how that style gels with the tone of the story being told.

marvel action avengers #7




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