criminal-7_f809cd8009Criminal #7

Image Comics

Written by Ed Brubaker

Art by Sean Phillips

Colors by Jacob Phillips

The Rundown: Ricky Lawless is going to learn just how much like his father he really is when the old man returns with a new woman on his arm.

Teeg has returned with Jane and he’s decided to give his son a better life in a new place. A new place Ricky wonders how they can afford. As Teeg tries to impress his angry son, Ricky gets a sense of the old Teeg lying under the surface of his false civility.


Ricky doesn’t like who his dad has become and how everything in his life has changed with the coming of Jane. He goes out with a friend and the old habits that got him thrown into juvie in the first place come back to the surface. When he goes home and finds his dad and Jane in the house, he decides to stay at a friends and wonders about something that could change his young life forever.

The Story: Ricky’s journey is interesting and Ed Brubaker makes his story engaging for the reader. There is so much darkness lying beneath the surface of the young man and his descent into darkness makes for some riveting drama.

The Art: Sean Phillips’ art is fantastic. Both the style and the use of shadows throughout give the reader a sense of the dark, ominous tone of the story. A great looking issue.

criminal #7




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