Eve_Stranger_03-cvrEve Stranger #3

IDW Publishing

Written by David Barnett

Art by Philip Bond

Colors by Eva de la Cruz and Lee Loughridge

Letters by Lee Heir

The Rundown: Eve has made a new friend and the tragic events that brought her to the project are revealed.

Eve’s mission in Prague takes an unexpected turn when the giant, rampaging gorilla she’s fighting turns out to be a woman who escaped from the lab that was experimenting on her.


With her new friend and her handler in tow, Eve sets out to find the lab, steal the data on their experiments and make them pay for what they did. Unfortunately, the plan hits a snag when Jimmy is told that a EVE Project Tactical Response Unit has been sent to take out the lab themselves.

The tragic story of Eve’s past is also revealed as the experiments her father began on her are shown to Delilah and the greedy CEO decides to take the young girl and leave no loose ends. What’s going to make things more complicated is a mystery woman who wants to know more about Eve and will do whatever it takes to get to her.

The Story: The story is getting more engaging and intense with each issue. David Barnett does an excellent job of keeping the story moving in some interesting directions while also allowing it to have some light, humorous moments that work for both the character and the plot. Giving the reader access to Eve’s past takes away some of the mystery, but that works overall because the reveal at the end opens up new stories to be told about that event from another perspective.

The Art: Philip Bond continues to impress with the art in this issue. The style of the art are a perfect complement to the story and its tone.

Eve Stranger #3




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