qycj1o5wqrnlz3pzogt5Martian Manhunter #2

DC Comics

Written by Steve Orlando

Art by Riley Rossmo

Colors by Ivan Plascencia

Letters by Deron Bennett

John Jones’ secret is revealed as his life on Mars becomes tragically complicated.

John’s car has crashed and flames are beginning to engulf it as he remains paralyzed with fear. Denise finally sees what her partner really is and she has to make a choice about whether to save the martian or let him burn. The decision she makes is less about saving his life and more about getting answers about who he really is.


On Mars, J’onn goes through his day as both a manhunter and father. After dealing with an illegal establishment, he has some harsh words with the owner about the potential spread of a disease known as “the curse”. This Curse seems like a plot point that will bridge the gap between this story and how J’onn wound up on Earth. It seems to have connections to the destruction of the Martian race and I hope it gets explored.

There’s a desperation in John’s attempts to hide that the reader is unaware of. Is it based on his taking on the identity of John Jones? Or is it part of a bigger mystery? This isn’t the interpretation of Martian Manhunter that I’m used to and there are still aspects of the story that I struggle to connect with, but showing J’onn as flawed and vulnerable adds an interesting layer to the character as well as something to overcome.

The art is amazing. I really enjoy Rossmo’s style and both the foreground and background visuals are full of beautiful details. I was captivated by the visuals in this issue, especially the dramatic conclusion.

Martian Manhunter #2




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