Maestro World War M #1

Marvel Comics

Written by Peter David

Art by German Peralta and Pasqual Ferry

Colors by Jesus Aburtov and Matt Hollingsworth

Letters by Ariana Maher

The Rundown: Abomination wakes up in a new world and Maestro fights to hold onto his power.

Emil Blonsky is having a problem. The bomb that he wants created by Bruce Banner has run into a problem and Banner is uncooperative. After trying to convince Bruce to get back to work, he is interrupted by the Maestro who destroys his entire world and when MODOK shows up, he learns the truth about the world itself. A truth that will send him hunting for the real Maestro.

After emerging from below ground, Blonsky finds himself being hunted by agents of Atlantis. After being confronted by Namor, Abomination decides to take a trip under the ocean. At the same time, Doom decides to get in contact with someone that might be able to help him get his revenge on the Maestro. At the same time, Namor unleashes something that might take down the Maestro before his rule can begin.

The Story: Peter David puts some interesting and brilliantly executed hurdles in front of Maestro in this issue. I like seeing all of the potential threats to the character working their individual schemes and the threats to Maestro’s rule continue to be compelling and entertaining to read. I love seeing the character struggle with the path he’s chosen and I am excited to see where the story goes next.

The Art: Peralta and Ferry deliver some great, dynamic visuals throughout the issue. There are some great action beats filled with thrilling imagery.

Maestro World War M #1



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