Maestro #1

Marvel Comics

Written by Peter David

Art by Dale Keown and German Peralta

Colors by Jesus Aburtov and Jason Keith

Letters by Ariana Maher

The Rundown: Trapped within a dream, the Hulk will emerge to a grim reality.

Everything in the Hulk’s life is going great. After taking down a Sentinel with the rest of the Avengers, a newly merged and sane Hulk returns home to the mansion with his wife Betty to have dinner with their two boys. Unfortunately, Bruce will discover that something is terribly wrong with the world.


After emerging in an underground AIM base, Hulk will find an old enemy has been keeping him for years and when he discovers that the world has been devastated, not by a cosmic villain or even a human, but by humanity itself, Hulk will forge a new path in a dark world.

The Story: Peter David takes readers back to where one of the best Hulk stories ever written begins. David infuses this first issue with pain, tragedy, loss and an indictment on the path of humanity through the eyes of the Hulk. There is a lot of intensity throughout this issue and all of it builds both inside the character as well as the reader. From the lies and deception all around him, the reader can identify how Hulk begins his transformation and David does a great job of giving Hulk a steely determination that makes him engaging to the reader.

The Art: Both Dale Keown and German Peralta deliver some amazing art in this issue. Both artists bring something special to their passages both in terms of style and detail. Keown’s beautiful panels are dreamlike in their details and composition. Peralta’s are equally as detailed, but add a gritty reality that reflects the change in the story.

Maestro #1




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