LowRoadWest_004_PRESS_1Low Road West #4

Boom! Studios

Written by Phillip Kennedy Johnson

Art by Flaviano

Colors by Miquel Muerto

Letters by Jim Campbell

Could the discovery that the kids have been herded towards be a blessing or a curse?

Harper and his gang are hunting the kids and Jimmy is about to be introduced to the force behind the attack. As the kids run back to the house, Ben explains more to Emma about Copper Sky and how there are no rules to either time, space or dimension inside.


As she learns more about how her new friends impact that world and the menace of the godslinger, Ben warns her that they can’t let their friends come to Copper Sky for any reason.

A prospect that is easier said than done when Amir runs into the rest of the group in the house and all of them have to run for their lives. Harper and his men invade the house and search for the kids. His search becomes more complicated when the house begins to move and shift with all of them inside it. Things get even more intense when a fire is started and Harper manages to take a hostage.

This issue was really intense and interesting. I enjoyed the pace and story as well as the character moments between Amir and Shawn. I would still like to know more about the story behind this one because there are so many interesting story elements that have been added to this series. I hope that Johnson can bring those different elements together successfully so that the reader doesn’t feel cheated on any front.

The art by Flaviano is great. I especially enjoyed the contrast in Harper’s look vs the rest of the world and characters.

Low road west #4




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