Wizard Beach 001_A_MainWizard Beach #1

Boom! Studios

Written by Shaun Simon

Art by Conor Nolan

Inks by Meg Casey

Letters by Mike Fiorentino

The war between wizards and an army of dark creatures continues to wage and the world gets colder by the moment.

Hexley Ragbottom is tired of seeing things go from bad to worse. In a bid to change the world and learn he defies his father and goes searching for his uncle Salazar. After traveling to our world, he finds himself at Wizard Beach and in the presence of his uncle. His uncle is unconventional to say the least.

WizardBeach 001_PRESS_7

Hexley finds that his uncle is a lot different than he thought and when he finds Salazar taking nothing in his life seriously and seemingly living for pleasure, Hexley is not only unimpressed, he is angry.

Things get even weirder when he is introduced to Salazar’s friends and his attempt to leave is blocked by magic that he cannot fight.

The first issue of Wizard Beach is fun and funny. There are some really interesting moments in this issue and I am interested in where this particular story is going. There isn’t much in the issue that speaks to a larger conflict for Hexley and Salazar so there isn’t much to glean from this issue about where the overall story is going, but it looks like a fun ride.

The art is really fun and beautifully detailed. I loved looking at all of the backgrounds and everything looked like it was in motion and alive. It looked amazing.

Wizard Beach #1




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