Lovecraft Country 


Season 1 Episode 2

Whitey’s On the Moon


The trio wakes up in the strange mansion they came upon at the end of the last episode. Uncle George wakes up to a room filled with his favorite books and luxuriates in both the surroundings and the possibilities from the library. Leti wakes up to a room filled with clothes that are tailored to fit her and enjoys dressing up. Atticus wakes with the memories of what happened to them the night before. When the three finally meet up again for breakfast, both George and Leti have no memory of what happened and what they faced.


After formally meeting one of their hosts William, Atticus insists on going to the village to find clues about his missing father. After meeting some of the people in the village including a hostile woman named Hillary, the three head back and are trapped by the creatures they encountered the night before. When they are called off by Christina Braithwhite, the trio return to the house where Atticus and George discover some interesting secrets about Atticus’ mother and her connection to the Braithwhite family.


At dinner, secrets are revealed and one of those revelations will result in Atticus being forced into a dark destiny by Samuel Braithwhite, a series of dark visions for all involved, a reunion and a tragedy.


The second episode pulls no punches on the fantastical elements of the story. It goes into them in a matter of fact manner that is welcoming to those who watched the first episode. Everything starts in earnest and that feeling doesn’t let up. There is an anticipatory pace to this element and everything that gets revealed leads to more revelations to come. The episode is anchored by strong performances by the cast and some fantastic art direction and sets.



One of the things that sets this series apart from others is the choices in the soundtrack. The climax of this episode was underscored by Gil Scott-Heron’s “Whitey’s On The Moon”, a brilliant spoken word performance that perfectly matches the tone of the scene and the episode. The ending was tragic and completely unexpected and makes me excited to see what’s next because they take a dramatic departure from the book and everything is on the table.

Lovecraft Country S01XE02




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