Lois Lane #8

DC Comics

Written by Greg Rucka

Art by Mike Perkins

Colors by Gabe Eltaeb

Letters by Simon Bowland

The Rundown: An attempt on Lois’ life will lead to a new investigation into the disappearance of someone close to her.


An assassin has targeted Lois and Renee Montoya and has managed to take them by surprise in an attack that leaves Lois vulnerable and Superman no where in sight. Renee will have to act fast if she’s going to stop the killer from finishing her mission and killing Lois Lane.

In the aftermath of the attack, Lois will have to deal not only with her husband, but also the new normal of having her husband’s identity known to the public and how it affects the investigation into the conspiracy to take her out. With a growing list of suspects and leads to follow, Lois Lane will have one thing take precedent, the search for the woman the assassin took the place of.

The Story: The first part of the story has some great tension and thrills in it with both Lois and Montoya taking on the unknown assassin. The dialogue is fun and at time funny and there seem to be some actual stakes involved with the absence of Superman in the mix. After that moment, the story takes a turn that evaporates all that momentum. Clark’s presence is lingering and takes away from both the pace of the story, but Lois’ investigation. Everything in the second act was a distraction and felt unnecessary. The third act picks up some of the pace, but not soon enough.

The Art: Mike Perkins’ art is beautiful to look at. The use of darkness and shadow throughout gives rich depth to the characters and a gritty, detective style feel to the story.

Lois Lane #8




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