crowded-11_ad792f1e94Crowded #11

Image Comics

Written by Christopher Sebela 

Art by Ro Stein and Ted Brandt

Colors by Triona Farrell

Letters by Cardinal Rae

The Rundown: Charlie and Vita find themselves in the company of people willing to help them, but the relative peace of their hideout brings out the truth about their relationship.


After having guns pointed at them, Charlie and Vita find the people behind them to be incredibly nice and welcoming. The fact that the leader of this group happens to be friends with Vita both bothers and annoys Charlie and even the fact that the pair are getting closer can’t shake Charlie’s suspicions.

After spending more time with the group and clashing over the fact that there are some suspicious things going on around them, Charlie tells her protector how she really feels about her. Unfortunately, all of the lies and distractions Charlie has imposed during the course of their time together makes believing her almost impossible.

The Story: Sebela continues to keep this story interesting in its plot and engaging in its characters. The plot is constantly moving and all of the character moments pay off both in the plot and in the moments that it sets up for later. I love the fact that Charlie is trying to make a change for the better, but her history continues to be an impediment and it shouldn’t be easy for her. Something that adds to the drama and continues to keep me intrigued and invested.

The Art: Stein and Brandt continue to bring some beautiful visuals to this story. There isn’t any action in this issue, but the art still holds my interest with its stunning backgrounds and how it plays with space.

Crowded #11




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