Local Man Gold #1

Image Comics

Written by Tony Fleecs and Tim Seeley

Art by Tony Fleecs and Tim Seeley

Colors by Felipe Sobreiro

The Rundown: Jack finds himself in a time travel adventure with his past self.

It’s Mother’s Day and Jack has decided to do something nice for his mom. Unfortunately, the police come looking for him and take him to the station where his past literally comes back to haunt him. After finding his younger self in a cell and discovering that he’s there with some allies for a time related mission, he decides to help them while dealing with a past self he can’t stand anymore.

As they look for a way to return to the future, they find that Joan Peterson is the key. At the same time, another threat from the future arrives with designs to destroy and remake the world.

The Story: A fun and entertaining amalgam of characters and storylines presented in a way that makes the reader appreciate them even more and engage with them in different ways. There’s some fun moments in the story, some funny moments for the characters and an entertaining tone that kept me engaged throughout.

The Art: Fleecs and Seeley deliver some great art in the issue. The visuals perfectly marry the over the top superhero style with the more realistic style of the present.

Local Man Gold #1



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