Labyrinth Coronation #2

Boom! Studios

Written by Simon Spurrier

Art by Daniel Bayliss

Colors by Dan Jackson

Sarah continues to fight her way through the Labyrinth as Jareth and Beetleglum watch her. The goblin seems to admire her determination to save her brother. The Goblin King has another opinion and his will leads him to continue his story.

Maria makes her way to the ship waiting for her and Albert to depart from Vienna and return to England. As she changes her clothes and confronts him again, she is single-minded in her determination to find her son. A prospect that begins to infuriate Albert, who just wants her to forget the child that he wished away. He explains to her that the goblins came to him and needed their child to prevent war after the king dies.


Maria storms off and tries to tell the world what happened, but they dismiss her. As she pleads to the Goblin King to bring back her son, Jareth begins to wonder why the king even gave her a chance. The Owl King brings Maria to his world and tells her to beg of him again. When she refuses, he gives her a choice. He explains to her that she has no power to undo the deal since she was not the one who made it, but he is willing to give her a chance to get her son back. A chance that is familiar to anyone who knows the story, but he adds a new twist that adds an additional layer of danger to them both should she fail.

As she makes her way through the labyrinth, she finds the denizens to be more ruthless than she thought. The absurdity of the place and the goblins who live in it is another distraction that makes her question her own sanity. As the Owl King watches her break down, he finds himself bemused and the goblin watching young Toby is looking for an opportunity to tell the baby the truth.

My interest in this story continues as the next chapter adds an additional dimension to the overall story. Everything fits from the last issue to this one and it continues to impress with its narrative style and visual flair.

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