King in Black #2

Marvel Comics

Written by Donny Cates

Art by Ryan Stegman

Inks by JP Mayer

Colors by Frank Martin

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The Rundown: The surviving heroes need a miracle if they are going to retake the world from Knull, but it will cost them one of their own.

Eddie Brock has fallen at the hands of Knull. Severed from his symbiote, Eddie lies broken on the ground, but he isn’t alone. As Spider-Man swings in to save his former foe, he sees the scope of Knull’s power when he is surrounded by heroes controlled by the King in Black. It will take the sacrifice of one of Peter’s closest friends to give him the time he needs to remove Eddie from the battlefield and collect Eddie’s son Dylan.

As the surviving heroes both work on a new plan to stop Knull and how they can save Eddie Brock’s life, Stark determines that both can be served by reuniting Brock with a symbiote. A plan that will require him to access one of the dangerous creatures roaming the city and bringing that symbiote back with him. As he works on his plan, the surviving Avengers seek to form a dangerous alliance while Namor works to free an ancient evil that might help the heroes turn the tide of the battle.

The Story: Cates ups the stakes for the characters and gives a real sense of the danger they face in this issue. The character focus and dialogue continue to be the cornerstone of the story and that is what is so engaging about this story. The story is incredibly engaging and all of the vignettes add something interesting that kept me involved and interested in how these events will unfold. A great issue with awesome storytelling and tension.

The Art: Stegman brings some beautiful imagery to this issue. From the gorgeously detailed panels to the emotive characters, there is an attention to detail that makes for some beautiful visuals.

King in Black #2



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