Killmore #1

IDW Publishing

Written by Scott Bryan Wilson

Art by Max Alan Fuchs

Colors by Valentina Briski

Letters by CPD Athletic League

The Rundown: The city of Colonia has an influx of violent killers and two cops work to find out why.

Colonia is a dying city in more ways than one. With businesses dying and people moving out, a new element has moved into the city, serial killers.

Detective Aira and detective Parker separately investigate the growing number of murders in the city as the new crop of killers continue to hunt and kill their victims without remorse of restraint.

The Story: A dark, gritty and entertaining first issue. The story takes some wild twists and turns that create some great moments for the characters among the visceral violence of the story. I really enjoyed the way the story follows not only the detectives investigating the murders in the city, but also the killers as they take their victims in interesting and unique ways. There’s an interesting mystery in this series and I look forward to exploring it.

The Art: Fuchs delivers some beautifully brutal and detailed art throughout the issue. The visuals have a great film noir look to them and perfectly capture the dark tone of the story.

Killmore #1



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