744316._SX1280_QL80_TTD_Domino: Hotshots #1

Marvel Comics

Written by Gail Simone

Art by David Baldeon

Colors by Jim Charalampidis

Letters by Clayton Cowles

Domino takes a job where everyone has secrets, the stakes are ridiculously high and failure could be catastrophic. Pretty much the norm.

In a quiet café in Paris, Domino is meeting with Black Widow to discuss a job. Even though Neena is fangirling over meeting the super spy, she is still suspicious of the secrets Widow is keeping about the job and her desire to come along. When rival South Korean spy White Fox shows up, the stakes and the mission get a lot more interesting.


Domino’s friends Diamondback and Outlaw are the only people she can trust as Widow, Wolf and Atlas Bear all have their own agendas and questionable loyalties. When the crew makes it to Argentina to track down and secure a couple of scientists who smuggled an alien artifact out of the Antarctica, the arrival of the police and bidding war among the mercenaries causes all hell to break loose. In the aftermath, Domino is determined to track the scientist down and stop whatever he is about to do, but first she’s going to have to deal with another merc standing in her way and this one has a mouth on him.

Domino and company are back and they haven’t missed a step. Same thing can be said for Gail Simone who continues to craft fun and entertaining stories for these characters. All of the dialogue is amazing and there are some brilliantly funny and endearing moments, especially when Domino is assessing the situation and her interactions with people. Simone has made all of these characters engaging in different ways and it is interesting to see them interact, especially their verbal sparring.

David Baldeon’s art is exquisite. Both the style of the characters and the action are perfect matches to the tone and pace of the story. There are some beautiful Kirby-esque panels that almost jump off the page. His rendering of Domino is always great, but there are panels that shine where the emotion of Domino comes through My favorite is the brief moment when Domino blushes while taking a compliment from Black Widow. It is a near perfect look.

Domino Hotshots #1




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