Kill Your Darlings #4

Image Comics

Written by Ethan S. Parker and Griffin Sheridan

Art by Robert Quinn

Colors by Robert Quinn

Letters by John J. Hill

The Rundown: Rose fights to save her friend while also confronting the truth about her life.

Rose finds herself facing off against the demon that influenced her as a child. This time the demon has possessed Elliot and Rose is trying not to kill her only friend. At the same time, she has to come to terms with the truth of her past and the real relationship she had with her mother. Something the demon reminds her off as it leads her into darkness.

Rose decides to fight back, but her quest to stop the demon and free her friend will spill out from her fantasy realm and back into the real world.

The Story: Parker and Sheridan continue to craft an engaging and intense story in this issue. The world of this story continues to be entertaining and filled with great action, suspense and thrills. I really enjoyed the revelation in the story with Rose and her mother and the action leads to a fantastic cliffhanger ending that not only has me asking questions, but also being excited to see what is revealed next.

The Art: Quinn delivers some fantastic art in the issue. The visuals are beautifully detailed and filled with great action, gore and tension.

Kill Your Darlings #4



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