Borealis #1

Dark Horse Comics

Written by Mark Verheiden and Aaron Douglas

Art by Cliff Richards

Colors by Guy Major

Letters by Jim Campbell

The Rundown: A cop with a dark past returns to her small town and finds herself at the center of a mystery.

Years ago, Silaluk Osha went to live with her grandmother because her drug addicted mother couldn’t care for her. Years later, officer Osha finds herself getting into a deadly battle with a local dealer when her undercover operation is compromised. A battle that will reveal a strange and unknown power and get her sent back to her small town in Alaska.

After returning home, she finds herself running afoul of the local crime boss and discovering too late that a dark force is in the area and could be connected to her powers.

The Story: Verheiden and Douglas craft an interesting and compelling world in this first issue. Sil is interesting as well and the supporting characters create an interesting environment for the story to unfold. Filled with great action and thrills, the first issue of Borealis is filled with mystery and a dark tone that makes me excited to see more.

The Art: Cliff Richards delivers some exciting and beautifully detailed art throughout the first issue.

Borealis #1



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