Kemono Michi: Rise Up


This fall there is a new anime that has stolen my heart.


Kemono Michi: Rise Up has made me howl with laughter a few times in its first three episodes. That’s no small feat. Usually,  anime can take between 4-10 episodes to get really good. The rest is all world building but the first episode literally had me cackling.
Kemono Michi: Rise Up is about a Japanese masked wrestler (who has a puppy as his partner) named Animal Mask. He’s summoned to another world in the middle of his last wrestling match and asked by a princess to kill all animals. In response, he SUPLEXES her and leaves, decides to open a pet shop and takes on Demi-humans and demons alike.
He meets half-dragons and wannabe heroes and tries to make money and gain inventory for his pet shop by capturing monsters for some random guild in the hopes of proving that animals and humans can get along. His reactions to being called a demon killer are absolutely a blast.
It’s so strange. I never thought I’d enjoy this series and it’s made me laugh more times than any other anime I’ve ever seen.
The animals are cute and HIS PUPPY is adorbs. The sub only has one episode out but it was pretty good and I prefer them.
Easily my favorite new anime of fall season.
I’ll have reviews of the next few shows I catch once they pop up on funimation and I’ve been told to try this overly cautious hero isekai next.
Let us know what fall anime caught your eye and what we should watch next!

Kemomo Michi Rise Up




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