Castle Rock


Season 2 Episode 1

Let the River Run

Annie Wilkes is escaping her past and that journey will take her to Castle Rock.

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The main character from Stephen King’s bestseller Misery is one of the main protagonists of this second season of Castle Rock. Her backstory is one of the things that will be fleshed out and there are hints of that starting with the beginning of the episode and leading right up until the episodes finale.

Annie and her daughter Joy travel the country going from state to state with Annie finding work in local hospitals and stealing antipsychotic meds to keep herself in check. With her latest supply gone and a near fatal accident keeping she and Joy stuck in Castle Rock, Annie will have to work fast to keep the disturbing visions and hallucinations away.


Annie’s journey will take her to some iconic locations in the Jerusalem’s (Salem’s) Lot side of Castle Rock including the Marsten House. She’ll also face off with Ace Merrill and his powerful father “Pop” Merrill who run the town. There’s also a story involving Somali immigrants and a war between Ace and his adopted brother. There are some intense moments between them, but the story is weak in comparison to Annie’s story. Her connection to events and characters make this episode work.

Let The River Run

Lizzy Caplan is fantastic as Annie Wilkes. There are moments when you can’t tell whether or not she’s going to demure or snap and that uncertainty adds tension to every moment. There is a scene between Annie and another character that has a jump inducing moment that perfectly encapsulates Annie Wilkes as a character and the rest of the episode is amazing. The second season has started off with a bang and the mixture of psychological thriller and supernatural elements tease an engaging story for Stephen King fans.

Castle Rock S02XE01




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