Season 1 Episode 1

Josh vs The Apocalypse Part I


Josh Wheeler has moved from Canada to Glendale California just in time for the end of the world. After finding the girl of his dreams, a nuclear blast changes his whole world and he finds himself living in a world where adults are killer zombies and the cliques in high school have morphed into rival factions living under the rule of the jocks.

When Josh’s quest to find the girl he loves forces him to move into enemy territory, he finds that he might not be able to survive alone.


The first episode of Daybreak does the work necessary to build the world these characters inhabit as well as establish the conflicts that Josh and others will have to deal with. The characters are fun and the conflicts are interesting. The world of the series is laid out beautifully and the self contained nature of it helps with the storytelling.


The story itself is told from Josh’s point of view and that means that there are plenty of self-referential moments and fourth wall breaks as he tells the viewer about the world and the events that shaped the story.  There’s a danger that the show can become too self referential, but this first episode hits the ground running and manages to be entertaining, funny and interesting enough to get me to see the next episode.

Daybreak S01XE01




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