Justice League Odyssey #14

DC Comics

Written by Dan Abnett

Art by Chriscross and Cliff Richards

Inks by Le Beau Underwood, Danny Miki, Scott Hanna and Cliff Richards

Colors by Rain Beredo and Pete Pantazis

Letters by Andworld Design

The Rundown: A resurrected Jessica Cruz takes command and the revelation of the mysterious Okkult will make things worse for everyone.


Jessica Cruz is back and she is kicking ass and taking names as she single-handedly takers out a group of Darkseid’s Para-Angels. After showcasing her new powers and new attitude, an impressed Blackfire and the rest of the crew of the space station follow her lead and launch an escape craft just in time to avoid another attack.

After finding a hidden message left for her by Cyborg, Cruz is determined to free her friends from Darkseid and will follow him to the edge of the known galaxy to do it. Unfortunately, when Okkult’s identity is revealed, the device they’re transporting comes to life and their plan to follow Darkseid without being detected takes a dramatic turn.

The Story: Dan Abnett takes the character of Jessica Cruz in a new and interesting direction. It looks like the character will be more confident and in control. Whether this is a by product of her resurrection or the natural progression of the character is unknown, but I enjoy seeing this side of Cruz and I hope to see more going forward. The reveal of Okkult was handled well, but a little too easy to decipher for readers of DC Comics and those familiar with the New Gods.

The Art: Both artists bring something new and unique to the visuals in this issue. Everything looks amazing and the action is amazing.

Justice League Odyssey #14




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