large-8651546Justice League Odyssey #1

DC Comics

Written by Joshua Williamson

Art by Stjepan Sejic

Letters by Deron Bennett

In a hidden sector of space designed to hold the worlds previously trapped on Colu, a former Green Lantern attempts to escape in order to find the Guardians and warn them of a threat from the Old Gods. Jessica Cruz has become the guardian of this sector and years for some action and when Brainiac’s ship breaks through the barrier of the maelstrom, she gets more than she bargained for.


The Brainiac ship is carrying a new team from the remnants of Justice League No Justice. The new team consists of Cyborg, Starfire and Azrael. When Jessica confronts the ship, she discovers the creatures of the maelstrom and is rescued by Kori. When they explain the mysterious voice that has been summoning them to this place, they are introduced to the entity who called them all and it is someone with an agenda all his own.

I found myself engaged in the world building of this issue. As interesting as the story is, the character dynamics peaked my interest, especially the introduction of a certain character that throws the hero dynamic on its heels. Williamson does a great job of writing and exploring characters in his other work. I really hope that the threads that have begun in this first issue get explored throughout the series. There is a lot of potential in this series and it looks like the overall story that spun out of No Justice is continuing.

Sejic does some amazingly detailed work with the art. I loved every page and I really hope he sticks with this series for a while. I love how he renders both Azrael and Starfire and the backgrounds enhance the story in amazing ways.

Justice League Odyssey #1




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