large-7004621Action Comics #1003

DC Comics

Written by Brian Michael Bendis

Art by Yanick Paquette

Colors by Nathan Fairbairn

Letters by Josh Reed

Ms. Goode decides to make a purchase in the underbelly of Metropolis. A purchase guaranteed to get the attention of Superman if discovered. As the sellers take every precaution to protect themselves, Goode gets her hands on a genuine piece of kryptonite.


When Clark arrives at the Daily Planet the next day, he feels the effects almost immediately and determines where its coming from after everyone rushes to try to give him aid, including Goode herself. When she finally leaves, she’s confronted by Batman who seems to know what she has and wants to know where she got it. When Superman begins to investigate, the dark force working the underground of the city makes its next move and Lois receives an unwelcome visitor.

After so much build up from previous issues, I was a little disappointed in how this issue unfolded. From the cover, there was the indication that Batman’s intervention in this story might have some meaning, but it doesn’t. The story doesn’t seem to solidify into something worth the cost of the issue. I kept waiting for something interesting to happen and everything seemed to come up short. The tension was over too quickly. There were no real stakes to anything once the kryptonite was removed and none of the character elements seemed to move forward at all.

Of all the dangling plots in this arc, one of the more significant ones could have been pulled to tell a more compelling story. At this point, Goode bores me as a character because they’ve now eliminated the one thing that made her more of a threat than just a rival reporter. The art by Paquette was good, but the lack of interesting storytelling in this issue made the art look flat on the page. There was no life to this issue and it’s a shame with the momentum that has been building.

Action Comics #1003




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