Justice League Last Ride #6

DC Comics

Written by Chip Zdarsky

Art by Miguel Mendonca

Colors by Enrica Angiolini

Letters by Andworld Design

The Rundown: The League discovers who is behind their latest mission and it could be too late for the universe.

Superman and the rest of the League take on the forces hunting for Lobo and Batman discovers too late that one of their own is responsible. One of the League has been harboring Darkseid the entire time and now he is free with the power of Oa coursing through him. As he wills his parademons to return, he goes after the League and Batman discovers that Lobo was just part of Darkseid’s bigger plan.

As the team escapes and regroups, Batman comes up with a plan that might buy them some time. A plan that will require Lobo himself to fight by their side. As the League goes on offense, Darkseid will discover that he is not the only being that has returned from the dead.

The Story: Zdarsky delivers some impressive surprises throughout this issue. Everything from the Darkseid reveal to the twist at the end is executed perfectly. There is some great action and energy throughout this issue and the reveals were truly surprising. I enjoy how big the stakes have gotten for all the characters and Batman’s plan to use Lobo. The twist at the end of the issue makes me excited for what happens next in the story.

The Art: Mendonca crafts some beautiful art throughout the issue. There are some great action moments that match and enhance the story visually. A great looking issue from start to finish.

Justice League Last Ride #6



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