Justice League Dark #13

DC Comics

Written by James Tynion IV

Art by Mark Buckingham and Daniel Sampere

Inks by Mick Gray and Juan Albarran

Colors by Adriano Lucas

Letters by Rob Leigh

The Rundown: Two stories highlight the dark side of magic as Lex Luthor continues to make his dark offerings.

Kent Nelson tells Diana of the history of his time with Nabu and the sacrifice the Lord of Order forced him to make in order to take and train a young boy to fight chaos. It’s a dark story that Kent hopes will convince Wonder Woman why trying to enlist Dr. Fate for Justice League Dark is a bad idea.


At the same time, Zatanna wants answers from John Constantine about the secrets her father kept from her. Unable to tell her everything because of powerful magic, he tells her everything he can including the dark circumstances that drove him mad and brought him to the attention of Zatarra in the first place. On a remote island, Lex Luthor makes a new offer.

The Story: James Tynion IV does a remarkable job of showing the reader just how dark the world of magic is in the DC universe. Utilizing both Kent Nelson and John Constantine’s stories to tell the dark side of magical power from different perspectives not only was a great choice story wise, but also a brilliant way of bringing on new readers who might not know how the characters became who they are.

Kent’s story does a great job of showcasing the human cost of unlimited power. John’s story highlights the seductive and destructive nature of seeking that power without thought to the consequences. Both stories foreshadow something big on the horizon and bringing in Luthor at the end to make his offer was a brilliant choice.

The Art: Buckingham and Sampere have some beautiful art in this issue. I really enjoyed Buckingham’s classic style when highlighting Kent Nelson’s story. His character designs were great and featured some awesome character designs. Sampere also delivered some gorgeously detailed character designs and the tone of the art served the dark nature of the story.

Justice League Dark #13




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