JookJoint_01-1Jook Joint #1

Image Comics

Written by Tee Franklin

Art by Alitha E Martinez

Colors by Shari Chankhamma

Letters by Taylor Esposito

At the Jook Joint all your desires can be fulfilled, but you have to follow the rules. One of the main rules seemingly tacked on every wall is “Keep Your Hands To Yourself”. When a young man with the opposite sentiment in mind decides to take liberty with one of the girls, he is asked to leave. When he finds her again outside, she decides to make him pay the ultimate price. Everything done around and inside the Jook Joint is done under the watchful eye of Auntie Mahalia who has a past with a man who in her life who beat her. A past that makes her dangerous to any man with those intentions towards anyone else.


Auntie Mahalia decides to visit her secret place. A place that is known only to her and her girls. A place where she and her girls feed on the men who do women wrong. When a local woman comes to Auntie with her story of a violent husband who beats her and her daughter, Mahalia decides to help her, but the young woman finds out that Mahalia’s help comes at a terrible price that she regrets she might have to pay.

There is so much atmosphere and charm in this issue. I found myself immediately immersed in the both the story and the art because both worked seamlessly together. Martinez’ art set the perfect mood and Franklin’s story was paced beautifully. I loved the dialogue between the characters because it felt natural and emotional. The characters themselves were compelling as well. I want to learn more about this world and the characters in it, especially Mahalia and Heloise because their dynamic is shaping up to create some interesting drama for the series as it progresses.

jook joint #1




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