harley-cv51-1136477Harley Quinn #51

DC Comics

Written by Sam Humphries

Art by Sami Basri

Colors by Alex Sinclair

Letters by Dave Sharpe

Golden Age hero Captain Triumph is making a name for himself in modern day New York. Unfortunately, it’s as a public menace. After trying to help stop a runaway car, he starts smacking the phones out of people’s hands because he believes that they are mind control devices (he’s not completely wrong). He confronts that Mayor in his office when his local library is closed and he can’t seem to stop tussling with the police and Checkmate when they try to stop him.


Harley Quinn is questioning whether she can stay on the straight and narrow as she finds one of her old costumes. Her mom is doing her best to keep her honest and the two decide to go to lunch in the city when they come face to face with Triumph. Harley calls an old friend who tells her that Triumph’s presence is a result of her breaking continuity and it is her job to try to find a way to help him. After taking him out and showing him a good time to take his mind off being someplace strange, Harley accidentally lets it slip that it’s her fault he’s there and Triumph does not take the news well.

Humphries continues to craft some fun stories for Harley. Stories that actually make her a more interesting character. The fact that she continues to work through her path and that she has a support system in her mother make for interesting tales to be told for a character that use to be relatively one-dimensional. I like the way this issue and plot was paced and there are some fun moments including a Donna Troy visual joke that was spot on.

Sami Basri does some outstanding work with the art in this issue, I really enjoyed how bright, and vibrant the art was in this issue. It really helped match the tone of the story.

Harley Quinn #51




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