Cover._SX1280_QL80_TTD_ (6)Wonder Woman/Justice League Dark The Witching Hour #1

DC Comics

Written by James Tynion IV

Art by Jesus Merino

Colors by Romulo Fajardo Jr

Letters by Dave Sharpe

The events that kicked off the new Justice League Dark are recapped at the beginning of this issue as we see young Diana marked by the witch Hecate after Diana watched a ritual she should not have seen. As Hippolyta attempts to get answers from the witches themselves, Hecate strikes. In the present, Diana tells the rest of the League about the events that brought them together, specifically the betrayal by Doctor Fate and the incursion of the Upside Down Man. What she fails to mention is her hand in stopping the creature and what the mark on her head means.


Batman is suspicious and everyone on Diana’s team knows why. As Hecate’s influence over Diana increases, Detective Chimp calls for help. Unaware of the extent of Hecate’s influence, the team is cut off and alone when they escape to Bobo’s bar. What they discover at the bar is a slaughter and a morose John Constantine convinced that this is the end.

Tynion tells a great story in this issue. I like that the scope of it required this issue to both fill in the blanks from the main story in Justice League Dark, but also to isolate the team and the threat from the rest of the League. Instead of relying on Batman, Superman and the rest to ride in and help, Justice League Dark is on their own and their strongest member might be the biggest threat to them at any given moment. This dynamic adds some dramatic tension to this story and that helps to engage the reader.

The art is great in this story as well. Merino has some impressive and brutal visuals in this issue that showcase the power of the threat they are facing as well as some great details in both the characters and the environment.

wonder woman/justice league dark witching hour #1




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